What's New

New updates and improvements to USDZ App

New build of iOS App

It is now even easier to create 3D AR models with our 📱 iOS App (in Beta). You can grab the iOS Beta via TestFlight here.

The latest build of the iOS App has the following changes: 

  • We've increased the minimum number of images required (from 10 to 30) with the hopes that this will increase the success rate. (Marcus typically use around 70+ images for results like this).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the iOS Camera to not work on iPhone w/out LIDAR or Dual Cameras.


New Screencast on "How to take great AR Object Captures"

We've created a new Screencast on "How to take great AR Object Captures". 

Tips include: 

  • Avoid thin objects
  • Avoid reflective objects
  • Avoid transparent objects
  • Avoid deforming objects
  • Avoid shiny objects
  • Avoid hard shadows
  • Your photos should be crisp (in focus) and well lit
  • Your object should take the full frame of the photo
  • Photos should be done in an uncluttered environment
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